Sunday, 16 January 2011

A new design...

Hi again, another post sooner than I thought! I had just asked my upline Caroline if I could borrow a couple of her things, the round scallop punch being one of them as it is currently out of stock. As always, Caroline has said of course...and so I got baking and then thinking...I could give Caroline a muffin as a thank you..but I need a box. So here is my first attempt as designing and making a muffin treat box to fit my cases lol

 Slightly amateur, but I will fine tune it over the next few days and upload a tutorial. Feedback always welcome! Ink used was chocolate chip and the yellow card and brown ribbon was my own. 


  1. Thank you so much! I'm sitting here this morning longingly looking at this, I think I'm just gonna have to go and put the kettle on now I've finished using the Very Vanilla cardstock! The little box is gorgeous and can certainly see little easter eggs in there later on in the year. Thank you again Donna x

  2. Donna, I love the gift box and I know Caroline will too!