Friday, 14 December 2012

First Private Class...a Christmas Theme

I thought I would launch my new 'Private Classes' before Christmas and my very first class was for a group of girls who met through the NCT. They wanted something for their little ones to send to their new daddies and here is the one I came up with, but have a look at the different takes on each one, including  'what I call Reindolf one!'.

 We had to do it in batches whilst some of the mums looked after the babies.

 You can see that the mums really enjoyed it with the concentration on their face.

These are a few of their cards...

You can see that someone opted for a Reindolf! But also look at the beaming smile on their faces! They are going to have a bunch of happy daddies. 

One of the mums couldn't make but was able to buy a kit to make at home.  Kits of this class are available at £5.

If you would like a Private Class, such as this one, please get in touch. The cost of one like this (1 personalised card) is £6 for a minimum of 6 people. 

Watch the private class page for more details. 

In the meantime, ta ta from me and I'll see you next with some more Christmas Cards!
D xx

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