Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOW - This and That is amazing!

Hello all, I hope you have enjoyed the sun, we certainly have. Spend a lovely few hours in Kim's craft zone and then a lovely walk around the gardens at Hyde Hall.

So on to todays post, which I'm very excited to be sharing with you! This and That from Stampin' Up!
Watch this very short clip to see how it can be used, by whatever age for whatever you had in mind, from Wedding Planning to that Special Holiday!
It is being sold at a bundle, so everything you see in this clip is available!
This is the bundle - you can order from me today!
All you can see here for £29.24 (+ P&P).  Are you quirky, artistic or just want to savour your memories or know someone who is? (This would make a wonderful gift!). Then get in touch and order yours today!
Contact me on 07821162950 or email me
Until Sunday, have a fab rest of the week!
D xx

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